Classes are run with the emphasis on enjoyment, and the teacher’s knowledge, enthusiasm and love of dance is simply infectious.

Classes vary in length from 30 minutes to 1 hour, please call to confirm time and day most suitable.


A  fast paced, Ballet based fun movement class incorporating lots of interpretation and imagination to help develop a firm basic technique ready for the core subjects. pupils from the age of 3.


Ballet is the key to all subjects; as important to dance as is the alphabet to reading and writing. Ballet is the most disciplined genre of dance demanding good posture, technique, musicality and fluidity of movement as well as grace and precision. A dancer with a good background in ballet technique can turn their hand to any style of dance with ease. That said, ballet can still be fun and enjoyable

Modern / Jazz

An expressive form of dance modern whilst still technical allows much more freedom of movement. Music used varies from current chart/pop music to virtually any style of music. Jazz is a most enjoyable form of dance , this is what you see when you watch dancers on tv in programmes such as the X factor and music pop videos, hence it is the most attended class


A rhythmical form of dance often seen in musical theatre, intricate rhythms’ and musicality make tap a real conversation with the feet.

Call for more information on current classes or to ask about other classes.

Fees payable half termly or termly in advance – invoices will be given before or during the first week of term. Payment options are available please speak to us.

Please arrive and collect on time for class and do not disturb classes in progress.