Attending Terms and Conditions


  • No responsibility can be accepted for damage, loss or theft of students’ personal property whilst attending classes or rehearsals or events.
  • Supervision and responsibility for students can only be accepted whilst students are attending classes. Outside of these times including travelling to and from class, students or their appointed guardian are totally responsible for their own safety and conduct.
  • All students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to others and the premises at all times.
  • Written consent must be obtained from the principal to perform teacher’s choreography or wear costumes outside of any event/performance organised by the school.
  • From time to time photos/videos will be used in publicity and on social network for the school and Dunmow Pantomime group.
  • A certain amount of risk is involved with any physical activity, students taking class do so at their own risk and no responsibility is taken for injury sustained during or after class.
  • Pupils should notify the teacher as soon as any injury occurs and also of any injury that may affect their ability to fully participate in class.

Attendance & Dress Code

  • Students should arrive on time for class and enter without disturbing any ongoing classes.
  • Students may not attend another dance school unless consent is given by the principal.
  • Students should dress appropriately for dance class, no baggy clothes /jeans. We have a uniform in place which is required to be worn for examinations and the preference is for this or plain black to be worn for classes.
  • Uniform may be purchased through the school all other items such as shoes and tights may be purchased elsewhere
  • No Jewellery to be worn in class (piercings should be removed where possible or covered with tape)
  • Hair to be tied back off the face at all times
  • Failure to wear correct uniform for examinations will result in no entry to the exam (no refund of fees will be granted)
  • Parents are not encouraged to watch classes except when pupils are first attending or the children are very young for the first few classes.
  • There will be lots of opportunities for you to view class and we do operate an open door so please ask if you wish to watch, the reason this is not encouraged on a regular basis is as it distracts the pupils form their learning.


Fees & Payments

  • Preferred payment method is by bank transfer. Cash payments should be placed in a named envelope and personally handed in, not left on the desk.
  • Invoices will be given out in the first week of term.
  • Payment for the first half term is due 7 days from receipt of invoice. Full term must be paid within 7 days of the second half term commencing. A reminder will be issued.
  • Late payments will incur a 10% fee of the total due.
  • Any payments still outstanding in the last week of term will incur a further 20%
  • No refund of fees for non-attendance for any reason other than extreme illness (holidays will not be refunded)
  • You are asked to notify us of absence as soon as possible
  • On the rare occasion that a class is cancelled all efforts will be made to reschedule. If this is not possible fees will be deducted from next terms payment.
  • If a class is cancelled due to adverse weather class fees will not be refunded but all efforts will be made to reschedule.
  • If a child is participating in an event / performance for the school during normal class time no refund will be made.
  • A half term notice is required if any dancer wishes to discontinue classes during this period all fees are still payable.

Equal Opportunities

The school does not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, age, religion/ beliefs or cultural background. Sometimes disability can preclude a student from certain aspects of the school’s activities particularly on the grounds of ‘health and safety’ for all concerned but every reasonable effort will be made to include everyone in an equal and open way.