Newsletter JULY 2019

Dear Parent,

As we near the end of the term here’s a quick update for you.

Last class of term is Friday 5th July. There will be no classes during the summer holiday, classes will resume on Wednesday 11th September – giving the children and parents a week to get back into routine once school starts.

PRESENTATION EVENING  – TUESDAY 9TH JULY– 6.00 pm at Foakes Hall, Dunmow.

This is our annual presentation evening, where the students are presented with awards for their achievement in dance over the year. Each group will perform a routine on the stage for your entertainment.

Parents tickets are now on sale please ask Sue.

Pupils should come dressed in their dance uniform of pink leotard or black leotard for seniors. Please make sure your child looks neat and presentable. All pupils should bring a bottle of water as from past experience its usually a hot evening!

Awards should be finished by 7.30 at the latest.


Anyone wishing to dance in Dunmow Pantomime Groups production of Cinderella this year should stay behind after presentation at 7.30.

This is open to pupils who will be in Year 3 and above from September. If you know of anyone that is not a member of Dunmow Theatre Dance School that would like to dance in Pantomime then they should come along at 7.30pm.  

Performances will be on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th January 2020.


Any change in class times has already been notified so if you haven’t heard anything then your class will remain the same next term.


I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxed summer, please remember to post your fun dance poses on the facebook page wherever you are , the stranger the better lol

See you all w/c September 9th