Ballet Theory

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Ballet theory

Grade 1

  1. What does degage mean ? – to disengage ( when the foot is pointed but does not
    lead onto another movement )
  2. What does battement tendu mean?- battement – to beat / tendu – to stretch
  3. Explain positions of the feet
  4. What are common faults seen in a plie ?- bad posture, sitting in plie, rolling of
    ankle/knees,lifting / not lifting heels
  5. What does port de bras mean – carriage of the arms
  6. What is petit jete?-petit – small / jete – to swish or throw
  7. What does a polka consist of –hop, chasse, coupe ,jete
  8. What is an enchainment?- several steps put together
  9. What is a temps leve? – a lifted movement with a hop

Grade 2

  1. What does assemble mean ? – to assemble, to join the feet together ( in the air)
  2. What is an arabesque?-a balanced pose on 1 leg with the other leg extended behind (
    a terre or en lair)
  3. What does retire mean – to draw up ( the foot up the leg)
  4. What does battement glisse mean?- battement- to beat / glisse- to glide
  5. What is a changement –to change position of feet in the air- draw feet together in
    the air show only 1 foot change feet and land in a demi plie , heels on the ground
  6. What does echappe mean – to escape, a movement of the legs from a closed to an
    open position
  7. What is a releve- a strong rise or snatch onto demi pointe keeping toes on the floor
  8. What is a pas de chat –step f the cat
  9. How far do we bend a demi plie? – until the thighs are horizontal
  10. What does glissade mean? – to glide ( keep toes on the floor )

Grade 3

  1. what is the height of a battement glisse ? – working foot just leaves the floor with a strong
  2. what is a soubresaut ?- a spring in the air in 3rd or 5th position without changing the feet on
  3. what does pas de bouree mean? – a running step, from an old French dance. There are 3
    placings over and under – 5
    th, 2nd, 5th
  4. what is a rond de jambe? – it is a round of the leg. A terre it traces through all the open
    positions 4th opp 1st devant, a la seconde and 4th opp1st derriere.
  5. What is a pas de basque en avant? – a step taken form the basque country, – en avant –
    travelling forwards
  6. what does a glissade consist of ? – 2 degages put together with a gliding movement ; toes do
    not leave the floor
  7. what is a developpe? – it is an unfolding of the leg taken from the knee down
  8. what does battement frappe mean? – battement – to beat / frappe – to strike
  9. what is a balance de cote? – a balanced step set to a waltz time with accent on the first beat
    ( rocking movement side to side)

Grade 4

  1. what does fouette mean?-to whip
  2. what does temps lie mean? – time linked – a linking movement incorporating a transference
    of weight.
  3. What is a pirouette- a whirl/ spinning action performed on one leg
  4. What does soutenu mean? –sustained
  5. What does fondu mean? – to melt/ to bend on the supporting leg
  6. What does en croix mean – in the shape of a cross
  7. What does sur le coup de pied mean? – at the neck of the foot, a phrase used to describe the
    placement of the working foot on the supporting foot
  8. What does adage mean – a blen of slow and smooth, controlled movements that flow
    together in a co ordinated way.
  9. in a battement tendu – where does the beat come from ? –on the ferme(close)
  10. what does attitude mean? – a position where the dancer stands on 1 leg. The other is lifted
    at an angle with the knee bent, the knee is higher than the foot.

Grade 5

  1. what is a demi detourne? – A half turn towards the back foot
  2. what is the height of rond de jambe a terre- the tip of the toe of the working foot is opposite
    the hollow of the knee of the supporting leg
  3. what does battu mean? – to beat a beating action of the legs
  4. what is an entrechat? To interweave or braid- a jump in which the feet cross and the legs
    beat in the air.
  5. What does quatre mean? – four- four interweaving actions – two with each leg
  6. What does en cloche mean? – like a bell
  7. What is a sissone? – a scissor action- a jump from 2 feet to one
  8. What does contretemps mean? – step danced against the beat of the music. – a full
    contretemps is a coupe, chasse, temps leve, chasse passé.
  9. What is a coupe – it means to cut- a transfer of weight from 1 foot to the other
  10. What does ballones compose mean? – ballones – to bounce/ compose – compound

Additionally :
Devant – in front / derriere- behind
Ouvert – open body alignment
Croise- crossed body alignment ( front foot is nearest to the audience)
De cote – to the side
Ferme – to closethe feet
En avant – to travel to the front
En arriere- to travel to the back
En dehors – outwardly / en dedans- inwards
En face – facing the front
Allegro – quick elevated movements ( jumps)

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