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Examination session Saturday 29th November 2014
Your child is almost ready to take an exam please see entry form for details of individual subjects and
return to me asap. Examinations are by no means compulsory so please let me know immediately if your
child will not be taking the exam.
Examinations – all you need to know!
The examination board I belong to is the Associated Board of Dance (ABD).
ABD are recognised by the Theatre Dance Council International, and The Council for Dance & Education
(cdet) and are accredited by ofqual and BDQT.( board of dance qualifications and training)
The board will appoint an external examiner and set the times for each exam – these are not changeable.
Fees for the exams are as follows :
Preparatory : £21.00
Primary £22.00
Grade one £23.00
Grade two £24.00
Grade Three £25.00
Grade four £28.00
Grade Five ( student letters fee incl student membership)- £57.00
Elementary Dancers Diploma – £68.00 – you must be a student member to take this exam. – contact ABD if
you are unsure.
Fees should be paid to the Dunmow Theatre Dance School so that I can submit one cheque for final
amount to the office. Final date for payment to be received is Fri 24
th October.
All candidates must be carefully and correctly groomed, marks are given by the examiner for presentation,

  • one third of the final mark! This is essential for shaping the discipline required for dance whether for a
    hobby or career. The ABD provides complete guidelines for each exam and I pride myself that we have
    always received commendation on our grooming.
    Requirements are as follows
    BALLET –
    Preparatory – The official ABD pink leotard, pink ballet socks, black crossover georgette skirt , pink SATIN
    ballet shoes with ribbon NOT ELASTIC
    Other grades up to Four – as for prep but wear pink ballet tights instead of socks.
    Grade Five : as other grades except Black ABD Leotard.
    Pre –ele – black abd leotard, black practice tutu and pink ballet tights, soft blocks and pointe shoes
    Elementary Dancers diploma – as for pre – ele and full stage make up .
    MODERN –
    Prep – grade 4 – Official pink ABD leotard black lycra footless tights, black jazz shoes, black socks
    Boys : Official Black ABD vest top and black footless tights black jazz shoes , black socks
    Ballet – well groomed lacquered into a low bun at nape of the neck with a pink bow sewn onto a comb
    placed into bun (I will provide bow) NO FRINGES
    Modern – Groomed into two french plaits tied at ends with pink ribbon to match leotard or a well
    groomed pony tail – hair must not touch shoulders. NO FRINGES
    Do not panic, there will be someone on hand to help do hair.
    Leotards need to be ordered though me – please allow enough time for delivery.
    All other items- tights, skirts and shoes can be purchased from the local dance shops. I have black tutu
    skirts for Elementary girls
    The children will be entered in groups of three or four at a time, we have no control over the timing or who
    goes in with who. There will be one examiner who will put the children at ease and watch their work in
    exactly the same order we will have practiced, each candidate will receive a report and a certificate if
    successful, we are not given the results on the day but usually within a week or two. Certificates will follow
    shortly after. The marking system and sheet has now changed from previous exams -candidates will now
    be marked out of 6 for technique, presentation, and dance with a maximum of 18 marks achievable – 6
    marks in total required for a pass , 8-11 for commend , 12-15 for merit and 16-18 for honours.
    Please do not panic your child, re -takes (never fails) are extremely rare and I wouldn’t put a child into the
    exam if I didn’t feel they were ready. The examiner will make the exam as fun as possible especially for the
    younger children and to be honest getting past me is harder for them! The only other person allowed in
    the room is the cd operator who will be hidden behind a screen.
    This time the exams will be held at Barnston Village Hall
    There will be an extra practice session on Thursday 30th October and Fri 31st October( half term week) it is
    important that everyone tries to attend this. If you feel you would like extra classes please speak me to me
    to arrange as ive said before if a child is willing to put in the work then so am I.
    On the day of the exam you will need to arrive at least ONE hour before the exam, groomed and ready to
    dance. Waiting space is very limited so only 1 parent please.
    A charge of £ 4.00 per pupil will be made toward the cost of hiring the hall on the day.
    I know this is a lot of information but hopefully I have covered everything, if however I have missed
    something please don’t hesitate to ask
    And remember – the children will only be nervous if we tell them to be! Try to make this an exciting
    experience where they get the chance to show off how good they are.

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